Quant, DI and Reasoning for Bank PO, MT and Clerical Cadre
Vijay Paliwal Vijay Paliwal

Quant, DI and Reasoning for Bank PO, MT and Clerical Cadre

One on one preparation for bank exams that covers quantitative, reasoning and data interpretation

Self paced




Of the 10 million candidates who applied for the bank recruitment exams in 2010-11, 79,236 got recruited for various banking positions. That is less than 1% success rate.


Quant, DI and Reasoning comprise of 25% of the question paper and you can get full marks in this section. Are you prepared?


What’s in there for you?


  • Hone your skills via 24 LIVE online classes (2 hours duration each)
  • Revise your concepts by going through free PPT Tutorial
  • Increase your speed of attempting questions via practice worksheets
  • Quick approach to problems: Tricks to remember short-cuts
  • Familiarize yourself with pitfalls & common mistakes done by students


The course package:


  • 24 LIVE interactive online classes (2 hours each)
  • Access to class recordings
  • Course timings in IST: Mon - Sat between 6 AM to 10:30 PM
  • Courseware: 24 PPTs


The course outline:


Class No. TOPIC 1 (QA+DI) TOPIC 2 (Reasoning)
1 Numbers Series Problems: Number and Alphabetical
2 Short Cut for Multiplication, Square and Division Series Problems: Alphanumeric and Continuous Pattern
3 H.C.F. AND L.C.M Analogy: Number, Alphabetical and Words
4 Simplification Classification: Number, Alphabetical and Words
5 Percentage Coding-Docoding: Alphabet, Number and Symbol
6 Average Coding-Decoding: Words and Language
7 Ratio, Proportion and Variation Blood Relations
8 Partnership, Profit, Loss and Discount Direction Sense Test
9 Time and Work Logical Venn Diagrams
10 Time, Speed and Distance Alphabet Test
11 Boats n Streams, Races n Games Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test
12 Mixture and Alligations and Ages Mathematical Operation and Logical Sequence of words
13 Simple and Compound Interest Inserting the missing Character
14 Logarithms and Clocks and Calendar Situation Reaction & Verification of Truth
15 Progressions or Series Data Sufficiency and Assertion and Reasons
16 Permutation and Combinations Puzzle Test
17 Set Theory and Venn Diagram Logical Deduction (Syllogism)
18 Probability Logical Statement and Arguments, Assumptions, Conclusions and Actions
19 Linear Equations Non-verbal: Series, Analogy and Classifiction
20 Quadratic Equations Analytical Reasoning (Counting of Figures)
21 Mensuration 2D Area & Perimeter Mirror and Water Image
22 Mensuration 3D Volume and Surface Area Embedded Figures and Incomplete Pattern
23 Data Interpretation-Tables Paper Folding and Paper Cutting
24 Data Interpretation-Graphs Cubes and Dice


Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Vijay Paliwal

Aurangabad , India

Vijay Paliwal is an Aspire India Certified Trainer for Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning who has been training students for quantitative section of competitive exams for about 4 years now. His teaching style is interactive and thorough. He also holds a MBA degree from Annamalai University. He lives in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.



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